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Server Close

Dear Rome Players,

Yesterday we decided to close the server definitively due to the lack of players activity.
We are working on a new server Cap 80, like Rome, but more OldSchool spirit.

We keep you posted on this new server soon.

Rome Crew

2014/03/22 Patch & Changelog

  • Fixes
    - bug fixed where titles wouldn't be correctly shown
    - bug fixed where the effect of items after +8 had no "cloudeffect" on them (custom skins)
  • Added the Job-Cave / Job-Temple
    - added new teleport NPC in Downhang
    - added special drops as rewards
    - added Monsters level 84-86
    - added NPC's for repeatable Quests

    More information below

  • Added an Event-Bot for Unique-Events
    - Event-Bot will spawn Unique in Donwhang South
    - 4 different stages added (Isyutaru > Lord Yarkan > Titan Shaitan > Strong Shaitan)

    New area : Job Temple

    New NPC's to teleport in Job Temple
    We added a new NPC for each Job Team (Thief and Hunter/Trader). You can use this NPC to teleport inside the Temple.
    The Thief NPC is in Downhang East, in Military Camp
    The Hunters/traders NPC is in Downhang North
    New NPC's inside the Job Temple
    Thief Union Representative Mohaira
    This NPC give the quests to the Thief players team.
    Hunter Union Representative Kapado
    This NPC give the quests to the Hunter/Trader players team.
    Job Union Representative Mansuana
    This NPC give the quests to all players.
    New Quests inside the Job Temple
    Thief Quests list
    Those quests are repeatable and give AP points.
    Those AP points define which team will be allowed to enter the Unique rooms.
    Hunter/Trader Quests list
    Those quests are repeatable and give AP points.
    Those AP points define which team will be allowed to enter the Unique rooms.
    The Winning team of this Dispute will be allowed to access the Unique rooms :
    - Sanctum of Punishment
    - Sanctum of Atonement
    Unique: Anubis and Isis
    Spawn every day at 13:30 server time.
    Common Quests list
    Those quests are repeatable and give AP points.
    Those AP points define which team will be allowed to enter the Unique rooms.
    The Winning team of this Dispute will be allowed to access the Unique rooms :
    - Sanctum of Immortality
    - Sanctum of Dark
    Unique: Haroeris and Seth
    Spawn every day at 15:30 server time.
    New Mob's Drops
    Drops list
    Those items can drop every time you kill a mob in the Job Temple.
  • 2014/03/15 Patch & Changelog

  • new launcher & ingame animations/pictures
    - added new loading screens
    - added a new Login-Intro
    - added a new launcher layout

  • Skinchange available for normal Weapons (level 72)
    - we decided to make it possible to skinchange normal weapons (last tier, level 72) next to our Seal of Rome weapons. Normal weapons can be changed via the Web Item-Mall for 150 silks.

  • Skills & Jobskills (Jobarena, Rome-Silktree)
    - slight nerf to the Heuksal & Bicheon Bloody Fan Storm and Ironwall Shield. You can not use them together anymore.
    - other small changes to the Rome-Silktree which is only available in the Job War Area

    NOTE: If you want to help balancing all the skills, please get into the Jobarena and try them yourself. This is just an early stage of testing before we involve them into the actual gameplay.

  • New glows
    - new colors and glows added for weapons/shields from +12 to +18

    For the next update we are working on a Job-Temple. Players from all 3 jobs can get into this area via teleport. Hunters/traders can invade into the area of thieves and vice versa. The monsters in the temple drop some more valuable items since it's harder to farm in this place. What exactly you can get is a surprise.

    - We expect to add this future on next Saturday -
  • New update coming on March 2nd

    Update March 4th :
    We have published a new full client (version 1.248)
    If you still have random DC while in game this is probably due to a wrong client version and/or missing avatars texture. So please download the last version and try again.

    Hello Rome Soldiers,

    We have prepared a new client which will provide a lot of minor fixes like all effects on avatars and we have also added all the latest Avatars and reviewed the Item Mall.
    We had to add a lot of data in the client files and since we moved to a new server we had to create a new Full Client.

    Tomorrow, Sunday March 2nd, we will proceed to an update of the server and you will need this new version to connect again on the server.
    so please download new client right away to be ready for tomorrow's update. Once the server restarted use this new client to connect.

    Download the new client from you prefered Download sites in the Download page:

    Download page

    New avatars Preview (3 of my favorites :) )
    Demon Shaitan Dress

    SteamPunk Dress:

    Water Element Dress:

    Rome Crew

    21/02/2014 - Server patching

    Hi all,

    We are actually installing some patchs on server.

    The server will reopen soon with all patch applied.

    I keep you informed.



    The server is now patched and everything started. I hope you will enjoy this new host and new patch :)

    The silk/hour have been increased to 3/hour for the next to apology the downtimes. We will inform you when we will go back to 1/hour (we didn't decide yet).

    20/02/2014 - New Host server and Protection

    Hello Rome Soldier,

    As promised we have moved our server to a new physical Host and this time we have subscribed to a bigger server and a Cisco Firewall.
    With this new platform we will be able to open 2 gameservers and then increase the Server performance, reduce the lags, and offer you a better Game experience.

    With the new Hardware firewall we are now able to control the traffic flow and then stop all the flood / spam / bad traffic.
    We have tried to close the Agentserver by doing the same exploit as our kind hacker did the last 2 days and the tests were successful.

    We won't give up and we will continue to work hard to give you the best game experience.

    If your game doesn't update itself please download this new media.pk2 and replace yours with it to connect on new host.
    New media.pk2 @ Mega
    New media.pk2 @ Mediafire

    Best regards and Have fun,

    About destroyed items or dropped items

    Hello Rome Soldiers,

    Until now we allways tried to help players to get back the items they destroyed, by mistake, while doing alchemy without immortal or to get back deleted items because they have been dropped when died.

    But lately they are a lot more people complaining about that. To restore an item it ask us a lot of time.
    Most of the time we have to check logs to see what happened and then restore a previous copy of the database to restore the destroyed item.

    As it's taking us now too much time and that it's not server or GM fault, but players own fault, we have decided to stop it.

    Now you have to take care of your items, and when you do alchemy you have to verify twice that you have added an immortal on it.

    Thanks for your understanding,

    New payment method

    Hello All,

    We have finally added a new global payment method.
    This method is PaymentWall. With them you can buy RomeSilk by phone/prepaid card/visa card or Bank transfer.

    To buy RomeSilk and then help us to pay the Server Monthly fees you can go to this page:


    Free RomeSilk policy changed

    Dear Rome Soldiers,

    Since some days we could see a lot of low level characters just standing in town without doing anything.
    Those characters have been probably created only to get more silks so we decided to give the free silk to the level 80 Characters only.


    Custom Title Update

    Hello Rome Soldiers,

    in the last update we added ~200 custom titles. You can get them by 50 silk for 28 days in the WebItemMall. I hope you like this ;)



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